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Pantagone Satellite is a provider of radio-frequency connectors for the transmission of analogue and digital signals. In addition to a broad selection of standard connectors for a wide range of different applications, customer-specific solutions for the following connections are also developed and manufactured :SMA Connectors, TNC Connectors, MCX Connectors, MMCX Connectors, N Connectors, BNC Connectors, UHF Connectors, RCA Connectors, FME Connectors, SMB Connectors, SMC Connectors, SMZ Connectors, 1.6/5.6 Connectors, 1.0/2.3 Connectors. All customers’ comments and requirements are welcome all the time. so please mail or Call us: 8889017888

SMA Connectors are high-performance  sub miniature connectors for microwave frequencies. The threaded coupling insures uniform contact of the outer conductors, which enables the SMA to minimize reflections and attenuation at higher frequencies while providing a high degree of mechanical strength and durability. we have a wide range of SMA connector------------

The TNC connector is a threaded version of the BNC connector The connector has a 50 Ohm Impedance and operates best in the 0–11 GHz frequency spectrum.The TNC series connector was originally designed offering threaded coupling nut mating in lieu of the popular BNC bayonet-type coupling. TNC connectors offered superior electrical performance, higher frequency range, and the ability to withstand severe shock and vibration requirements.
MCX connector has smaller size compared with some RF connectors like SMA connector, SMB connector. MCX subminiature snap-on connectors offer a stable and durable connection. The subminiature design allows other electronic assemblies to be densely packaged on the PCB. The MCX uses identical inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB,the outer diameter of the plug is 140 inches, which is 30% smaller than the SMB. MCX provides broadband capability though 6 GHz with a snap on connector design. A range of connectors are available, including printed circuit board and cable connectors.

MMCX connectors are also designed to function in applications operating to 6 GHz, and offer similar electrical performance to much larger coaxial connector types. MMCX micro miniature RF connectors are suitable for 50 ohm applications and provide repeatable electronic performance from DC to 6 GHz. The snap-on mating design offers low RF leakage and ease of assembly in dense packaging layouts. The MMCX series is one of the smallest Light horse Technologies currently offers, allowing for usage in space critical applications.
N type connectors are very robust, reliable classical connectors with screw-locking system in medium dimensions. N connectors are characterized by high degree of protection, weatherprofaneness and excellent intermediation.Type N connectors have a miniature classification; however, it is medium size in use. Properly designed Type N connectors provide low-loss interconnects to 11 GHz; optimized precision versions are available up to 18 GHz.

The BNC connector (Bayonet Neill- Concelman) is a miniature quick connect  RF
 Connector  used for coaxial cable .A  BNC connector is a type of connector used 
with Coxial Ethernet cable. The connector is bayonet-style, meaning that it is put in 
then turned and locked in position. This connector is commonly used on a Tokan
 Ring network.A commonly used plug and socket for audio, video and networking 
applications that provides a tight connection.
 UHF connectors are general purpose units developed for use in low frequency systems
 from DC – 300 MHz. Invented for use in the radio industry.UHF connectors are popular
 and economical, used when impedance mating is not required. UHF connectors were
 replaced in many applications by designs that have more uniform impedance over the
 length of the connector. UHF connectors were also used for the input & output of 
Composite video signals for older video equipment

  FME connector was designed for mobile antenna. This FME connector is jack/ female and straight type. This FME jack straight type normally work as RF cable assemblyby crimping with RF Coax Cable. The FME female is designed to allow cables it has been installed on to be snaked through the often tight access holes or spaces of a vehicle to the desired equipment location(s) where an FME male adapter to the required equipment connector series is fitted to the female cable connector.

   SMB connectors are a subminiature connector series designed for applications operating to 4 GHz and are available in 50 and 75 Ohm versions. This series includes a snap on interface, controlled by industry standard specifications and is easy to connect and disconnect. Mechanical stability provided by the SMB interface, and its relative small size allows uses in applications where space is limited. This makes them useful in areas that are inaccessible to normal mating action. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .070" to .120" diameters, such as RG 178, RG 174, RG 316.
SMC (Sub Miniature version C) Connectors are coaxial RF Connector. SMC RF Connectors are semi-precision, sub miniature devices that Provide repeatable electrical performance from DC to 10 GHz. They offer excellent electrical performance from DC to 10 GHz. Female SMC connectors have a socket for the canter contact, and are therefore analogous to the “reverse polarity” versions of other types of RF connectors.

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